About The WebCentre

The WebCentre has its origins in the early days of the Internet following the creation of the World Wide Web Consortium in 1994. Up to that time there had been very little uniformity in the behaviour of browsers. Netscape was the dominant browser and more or less made up its own interpretation of how HTML should be presented on screen.

It is an unfortunate fact that the lack of conformity amongst the early browsers and the use of Word Processor types of HTML editors has produced a "Dumbing Down" of HTML coding. This has resulted in many website authors creating a nasty mix of incorrectly used HTML in order to work around browser incompatibilities.

In order to counter this worsening situation, The WebCentre was created by a group of specialists to promote the correct usage of HTML syntax and develop advanced methods of website creation.

In addition to our website work, we provide assistance to other website authors and you will find a wealth of useful links and advice in our Help for HTML Authors page.

We also run training courses for other website authors who want to produce 'hand-coded' HTML and who do not want to resort to a WYSIWYG editor.