Bringing the Web to Life

The WebCentre exists to promote the advancement of HTML coding and website design. In addition to our work in this area, we specialize in the development of new methods of generating database driven, compiled web pages.

Database development and bespoke software creation are available to meet your requirements.

Traditionally, nearly all of our work has been done on behalf of, or as consultants to, other website companies - as much in improving existing sites as creating new ones. More recently, we have taken on an increasing number of commissions directly from companies.

The move towards Search Engine Optimisation has had the beneficial effect of requiring better HTML structure which has made further calls on our services and we have an associate company which specializes in this area. Sites on which we have worked are to be found in top ten places in the major search engines and the chances are that you will have seen our work without even realising it.

In order to counteract the detrimental effects of WYSIWYG editors, we now have a department which specializes in assisting those who tend to suffer most in this area - namely the smaller websites.

In addition, we provide assistance to other website authors and you will find a wealth of useful links and advice in our Help for HTML Authors page.

For those who are just getting started with HTML and JavaScript, we can arrange individual training courses to cover the basics and get you set up with our recommended (free) software tools.

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